Mission Statement

The BGM Network is a brotherhood of professional Black Gay Men - from around the world - that is committed to creating soulful, loving connections among Black gay men in order to support each others success, transform society, improve our health status, and make the social change we seek. The Network is a community of successful black gay men who unite their collective expertise, vision and creativity to provide leadership within the Black gay community and society at large. Our goals are ambitious, but attainable, and worthy of our ancestors’ sacrifice. Membership is by Invitation Only.

Why we exist?

For many of our brothers, living and thriving as a black gay man can be a challenging endeavor when stigma and discrimination continue to affect our reality. Arguably, the relative invisibility of successful, healthy, black gay men available to young brothers struggling with their identity exacerbates the problems of integration, and visibility that we face. The Network provides professional, social and educational resources to men at various stages of life who are seeking a healthy community, peers and role models for success. The Network offers an environment of acceptance, professional development, social engagement, accessible information and training tools for black men to enhance their lives and enrich their spirits.